Great things happen here! Let yourself be accompanied by Bill and Pearl as they visit their favourite places: at each one, you will discover one aspect of the economy from up-close which will help you grow up.

Ecco Grande!, il progetto con cui Bper si rivolge ai più piccoli, per provare a gettare le basi di una indispensabile educazione finanziaria.
Guarda il video nella sezione Genitori e Insegnanti, e scoprirai qual è la filosofia che anima il progetto.

Bill and Pearl's house

"Economy" is an ancient word. It comes from the Greek work "oikos" which means "home" and "nomos" which means "law". Therefore, the economy sets rules for living together, at home and also in all other places.


The pizzeria mixes together delicious ingredients to produce legendary pizza. Come on in! You'll learn how to operate a business.


At school, we learn so many things. Today we will talk about money!


Have you ever been to a bank? Nooo?! What are you waiting for ... Go in now and find out what its purpose is!


At the market, you buy ... and you sell ... but at what price?

Amusement Park

Oh! A little bit of distraction. From the top of the Ferris wheel, you will see the whole world, but be careful ... there may be some monsters lurking.

The sheep Pecunia

It's a weird name, right? Pecunia is Latin for money. It comes from "pecus" meaning "cattle": these animals were actually a bargaining chip in primitive economies. From the same origin comes the Italian word "pecora" meaning ..."sheep"!